Numerology- It's as old as the stars

Jag hittade det här i en engelska bok och tänkte att det kunde vara en rolig grej att dela med sig av. Det passade väldigt bra in på mig så jag skulle vilja veta hur bra det stämmer in på er. Jag kommer att skriva rakt av från boken så ni får stå ut med att jag inte orkade översätta det till svenska. Men jag tror att ni kan förstå det ändå.

Numerology dates way back to ancient times- to the Babylonians, the Egyptians and the Greeks. They believed that we all have a personal number which tells a lot about what sort of person we are.

This is how you can find out what your number is:

 Your number is usually calculated from your birthdate. If you were born on 29 September 1990, you write 29-9-1990. You then add all the digits: 2+9+9+1+9+9+0=39. You then add the digits in the total: 3+9= 12. If your total is over 9 you add the digits again: 1+2= 3. Your birth number is 3.

Now work out your own number and read what is said about you.


1. You want to be very successful in life. You like to be the leader and take the initiative. You can be aggressive and get angry easily. With friends: You are loyal andr generous but you can be too dominant and bossy.


2. You are very emotional. You can fall in love easily, and you feel sympathy for people in trouble. You are diplomatic, easy-going and gentle- more passive than active. With friends: You are shy but always sensitive and understanding. You canbe too dependent on your special friends.


3. You are a practical person who plans ahead. You don't worry too much about the past. You have lots of common sense and use it to get what you want. You are not naturally artistic. With friends: You are flexible and co-operative. You are the peacemaker when there are arguments. You can seem too cool and calculating sometimes.


4. You are hardworking, down-to- earth and logical. You organize yourself and your time very well and pay attention to details. You are not very adventurous and find it difficult to accept new ideas. With friends: You are kind-hearted, reliable and faitful, but can be a bit of a stick in the mud.


5. You are a restless person and move fast through life. You are alert, lively and intelligent and have a good sense of humour. It's a good thing you can laugh at yourself because you often get into embarrassing situations. With friends: Other people find you amusing and good company , but you don't have close friendships as you are Always mixing whit so many people.


6. You are both tough  and tender. You have a warm heart but you are also strong-willed. You hate injustice and want to right Everything that is wrong. People sometimes cheat you because you are so kind. With friends: You are loyal and generous to your friends who find it easy to talk to you about their problems. Sometimes you can be too nosy about their affairs.


7. You are an extremely sensitive person who is sometimes telepathic. You often have your head in the Clouds and can be absent-minded and forgetful. You are very creative. With friends: You are not a leader- you are dreamy and tend to tag along with others. Friends tell you their secrets as they know you do not gossip.


8. You are an individualist who never follows the crowd. You are never lonely when you are alone. You are artistic, especially when it comes to Music. Some people Think you are eccentric. With friends: You can be very obstinate. People keep a distance to you so you seldom have close friends. But if you do, you can be very jealous and you do not like to share them with others.


9. Most of the time you are a good-tempered, easy-going sort of person who enjoys the good things in life. You tend to be too relaxed and lazy when you come up against a challenge. With friends: You are unselfish and sociable, and popular with others, but sometimes you can be thoughtless and hurt people without noticing.




Kommentera gärna och berätta vilken du fick. Jag fick trean.


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